Info-Pro: A Leader, Not A Follower


Recently, I watched the John Adams miniseries that HBO aired back in 2008. It led me to do some further research on John Adams, our country’s 2nd President, and, more importantly, one of the Founding Fathers. While reading up on his life I came across a great quote that sums up what we at Info-Pro want to be viewed as within the financial industry: “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

Everything we do internally, from solution development, to marketing, sales, operations, and client services, is based on providing the best service possible to increase efficiency for our customers. We aim to decrease expenditures and to provide their borrowers the best services possible when it comes to loan servicing. Every year we do extensive VoC (Voice of the Customer) interviews with our customer base regarding real estate tax tracking and loan servicing as a whole to find what gaps we can close in our lender process. From these interviews we have added Premium Recheck and our enhanced Escrow Processing services to our service offerings.

We want to be the leader you turn to for news and information within the real estate tracking industry. We’ve started an Info-Pro Lender Services user group for our customers to communicate with each other or offer up ideas directly to us. And now, we’ve started this blog. We want to further communicate with our customers and offer information to those out there considering our services. We are not satisfied with offering the same service year over year, and use these outlets to research what our clients need.

It is easy to call yourself a leader; many people and companies do that each and every day, but they often don’t have anything to back it up. It is entirely different to actually be a leader in your field. We at Info-Pro are always looking to improve, be proactive instead of reactive and be that leader within our industry that our customers expect us to be.