Info-Pro Announces New Premium Searching Service for Financial Institutions

Info-Pro Lender Services, Inc., the nationwide provider of real estate tax monitoring, flood determination, and home insurance monitoring services, today announced a new service, Premium Recheck.  Premium Recheck provides two additional rechecks of financial institutions’ real estate tax delinquencies after the close of the fiscal cycle between the Annual Audit and the Delinquent Recheck, ensuring the most "at-risk" loans are actively managed. 

Traditional real estate tax monitoring service providers will only offer the initial check after the Annual Audit creating costly manual work by the financial institution to keep tracking their delinquent borrowers. Premium Recheck offers the opportunity for financial institutions to outsource this service, making more time available to financial institution employees to focus more on mission critical projects within the institution. 

As a precursor to offering this service, Info-Pro did extensive Voice of the Customer (VOC) research with financial institutions across the US and found the lack of tax payment verification between audits was a gap in services that left lenders vulnerable to significant impairment of loan collateral.  

Info-Pro’s President and CEO, Chad Raube, commented that, “Info-Pro’s innovative efforts are anchored in understanding the needs of lenders and delivering solutions that meet those needs.  Premium Recheck is a result of this focus and in bringing out this market leading solution, Info-Pro is helping its customers create more value for themselves and the customers they serve.”

Premium Recheck fits into Info-Pro’s current Tax Services offerings and can be bundled together with their Flood and Insurance Services or purchased separately.  

About Info-Pro Lender Services, Inc.

Founded in 1997, Info-Pro provides banks, credit unions, and others in the financial industry with real estate tax tracking, flood determination services, and property insurance monitoring services. Its mission is to provide an unrivaled customer experience for lenders and it currently services over 300 customers across the U.S. Info-Pro is part of the Guaranty Service Group of companies, which includes Guaranty Title Service.