Info-Pro in the News: E-Book Examines 'What Lenders Can Do To Attract Millennials'

FOND DU LAC, Wis.–This article was originally published on 

Info-Pro Lender Services has published a new e-book: What Lenders Can Do To Attract Millennials.

The e-book is divided into three sections: Understanding Millennials’ Financial Habits; How Millennials Are Changing the Mobile Banking Game, and What Banks and Credit Unions Need to Do To Attract Millennials.

“By way of advancements in technology and a changing society in general, we are seeing a shift in the way people approach their finances, in particular when it comes
to banking,” the paper states. “It is no secret that Millennials love their electronic gadgets, in large part because they make performing certain tasks – such as banking – far easier. While there are certainly different opinions floating around about Millennials, the fact of the matter is they are our future and banks and credit unions need to get on board if they are going to bring in their business.”

The e-book offers a number of steps credit unions can take to attract Millennials and then retain them. Read the full e-book here.