Info-Pro Lender Services Announces Launch of Blog

By offering a blog Info-Pro is providing a better interface between itself, its customers, and its potential customer base. It will be publishing biweekly posts, filled with advice, tips and background information on all tax, flood and insurance service questions lenders may have. Info-Pro is encouraging visitors to offer suggestions on any topics they may want more information on for future blogs.

Info-Pro’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Mark Daniels, commeted that “By creating an Info-Pro Blog we are hoping to build a stronger relationship with our current customer base, and also provide information to potential customers who wish to see how Info-Pro operates and how our services help lenders within the financial industry. We hope everyone that visits our blog gets a look into how exceptional our employees are at Info-Pro as they showcase their personalities and expertise within the financial industry. “

The Info-Pro Lender Services Blog enhances Info-Pro’s already industry leading website and positions them as a destination for lenders to visit to get the latest news within the financial industry. 

About Info-Pro Lender Services, Inc.: Founded in 1997, Info-Pro provides banks, credit unions, and others in the financial industry with real estate tax tracking, flood determination services and property insurance monitoring services. Its mission is to provide an unrivaled customer experience for lenders and it currently services over 300 customers across the U.S. Info-Pro is part of the Guaranty Service Group of companies, which includes Guaranty Title Service.