Info-Pro Lender Services Announces User Group on LinkedIn for Customers

Info-Pro Lender Services, Inc., the nationwide provider of real estate tax monitoring, escrow processing, flood determination, and home insurance monitoring services, today announced the creation of an Info-Pro Lender Services User Group on LinkedIn. The User Group was created to maximize users knowledge of Info-Pro services and to be an outlet for customers to communicate with each other on any questions, problems, or requests they may have on one of Info-Pro’s service offerings. Info-Pro will also be using this page to post the latest industry news that specifically affects their services and the customers whom use them.

By offering the Info-Pro Lender Services User Group on LinkedIn Info-Pro is providing a better interface between themselves and their customer base. This page will allow their customers to create a network of Info-Pro customers with a collective voice capable of helping to improve Info-Pro’s service offerings.  

As a precursor to offering this page for their customers, Info-Pro did extensive Voice of the Customer (VOC) research with their customers and found they were in search of a place to speak with other Info-Pro customers on various topics associated with Info-Pro’s service offerings. 

Info-Pro’s Director of Client Services and Support, Becky Harmsen, commented that “LinkedIn as a platform has allowed us to help share pertinent industry news with our customers in a way that we have not been able to do in the past. We encourage our customers to engage with us on LinkedIn and work diligently to ensure that the information shared here helps our customers to manage the overwhelming amount of information they are bombarded with in our industry.  By also creating a user group, we hope to reinforce our commitment to delivering an unrivaled customer experience by allowing us to gain even more real-time feedback from those using our products and technology.”

The Info-Pro Lender Services Group on LinkedIn enhances Info-Pro’s stance as one of the thought leaders in the financial industry and positions them to better serve their customers in the future. 

About Info-Pro Lender Services, Inc.

Founded in 1997, Info-Pro provides banks, credit unions, and others in the financial industry with real estate tax tracking, flood determination services, and property insurance monitoring services. Its mission is to provide an unrivaled customer experience for lenders and it currently services over 300 customers across the U.S. Info-Pro is part of the Guaranty Service Group of companies, which includes Guaranty Title Service.