June Featured Info-Pro Employee: Julie Klatt

June Featured Info-Pro Employee: Julie Klatt

In our employee of the month blog series we highlight a different Info-Pro employee every month so you can get to know us better! Up this month? Julie Klatt.

Employee Name/Title

Julie Klatt, Client Services & Support, Team Lead

What does your role entail at Info-Pro?

As a Client Services & Support Specialist team lead, I am assisting with the management of daily Client Services operations, acting as the main contact for key lender relationships, and leading department onboarding and training initiatives

How long have you worked at Info-Pro?

I started at Info-Pro in June 2020.

What other jobs have you had prior to working at Info-Pro?

I was with National Exchange Bank as a Loan and Operations Officer, most recently for the Brownsville, WI location. My role there as a lender has now provided me with the ability to relate to the lenders I work with at Info-Pro.

What’s your favorite thing about your job or working at Info-Pro generally?

There is great culture at Info-Pro and a great team atmosphere internally. Externally, I enjoy working with and helping our lenders.

Tell us about your family.

I have two beautiful daughters. My oldest, Megan, is engaged and living/working in New Zealand and my youngest, Emily, lives in the Neenah area and is a manager at restaurant. I adopted a rescue dog in June of 2019. She is a mini poodle named Willow. My parents still live in the same home I grew up in. I have two sisters - one living in Fond du Lac and one that lives in the Seattle, Washington area.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I love trying new restaurants, listening to live music, biking, reading and finding a great movie to watch. In summer I prefer to be near the water, whether it is boating, swimming, kayaking or just sitting near the water watching boats go by enjoying a good sunset.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up just south of Fond du Lac, next door to my grandparents/aunt and uncle who had a farm.

What’s your favorite thing about living in Wisconsin? 

I do like that we have changing seasons, with summer and fall being my favorite. I love that you can travel an hour or two and be in the north woods.

Share an interesting or fun fact about yourself.

One of the highlights is traveling to Australia with one of my girls and learning how to surf. She was able to learn and stand up very quickly. Although I wasn’t able to stand completely up, we had a lot of fun!