Employee of the Month Recap 2019

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Every month we highlight an employee of the month. Here are all of our each of the employees we highlighted this year and the fun facts they shared with us.

Ken Pardon  does some things left-handed and some right-handed.

Meghan Abitz  loves music and played the viola in the orchestra for eight years. She also dabbled in percussion in band and was great on the snare!

Dylan Devetter  and his wife are avid campers and try to spend as many weekends each summer camped as far from civilization (or within a couple hours of home) as they can muster.

Teri Salinas  went on a 9-day trip to the Canadian Rockies near Banff, Alberta, CAN last August.

Pat Winkler's  youngest daughter has multiple sclerosis and several years ago they completed a 50 mile MS Challenge Walk together in Door County. 

Bob Shifflett  grew up in Virginia with a family of Washington Redskin season ticket holders/fans, but at 10 years old he broke away and embraced the Green Bay Packers.

Mike McAuly  lived in Houston and Dallas, TX; Phoenix, AZ; Pasadena, CA; returned to Phoenix, AZ; Las Vegas, NV; went back to Pasadena, CA; Atlanta, GA all before finally finding his way back to Fond du Lac, WI.

Angie Swain  and her daughter volunteer with a local organization that provides horse-riding therapy for people with disabilities.

Bob Dusek  is a Chicago Bears fan and his wife, Marlee, is a Packers fan.

Debbie Steger  was born and raised on a farm.

Angie Blamey  is a major Starbucks addict and a daily customer! 

Bonnie Reynolds  used to breed Yorkies. Raising puppies from birth and seeing them grow into wonderful pets is truly an enjoyable experience.