Employee of the Month Recap 2020

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Every month we highlight an employee of the month. Here are all of our each of the employees we highlighted this year and the fun facts they shared with us.

Melissa Ott - I like to eat pizza with peanut butter.

Robert Brunner - I am an avid fan of old tractors. I have a 1946 John Deere “A” at home on the family farm. My father bought it brand new when he got out of the Army and began farming. I wanted to make sure it stayed in the family.

Jessica Stark - I am obsessed with all things Christmas! That includes the tree, ornaments & wrapping gifts! I have a special ornament for each year my husband and I have been together, for gifts the wrapping paper has to match along with the ribbons and bows.

We also will be going to Las Vegas in March to check off some bucket list items! The big one is seeing Shania Twain in concert!

Mitch Vana - When I was younger my grandfather and I were looking for snakes in the river at my grandparents’ cottage. My grandfather eventually found one and flung it out of the water with a fishing net. Next thing I knew there was a snake flying at me and I ended up catching it with my neck. I wouldn’t be surprised if that snake achieved some sort of speed record with how quickly I flung it off of me.

Cory Lauersdorf - Much to the confusion of my wife and former college roommates, I sleep with my eyes open, talk in my sleep, and have been known to sleepwalk a time or two.

Jennifer Leavitt - I have two - I’ve had braces twice and I’ve never broken a bone in my body.

Jessica Miller - I am learning that I am either indecisive or quite particular about paint colors for the interior of our house.  There are so many things to consider that is for sure. It took me over a week to settle on the new paint colors for the main floor.  Fingers crossed it turns out the way I am hoping!

Troy Winkler - I have a 1985 Chevy Camaro that I bought from my dad. I spent a year rebuilding the engine by myself.

Charlie Johnson - I went to music school between 1978-1982 and played electric bass professionally for 20 years.

Travis Wegner - I once played in a baseball game at Miller Park.

Paul Leslie - My freshman year in high school the boy's basketball team went to the state tournament in Madison. So I decided to go to the University of Wisconsin - Madison because I thought Camp Randall and the field-house looked cool.

Christie Wehner - We will be building a new home at Wolf Lake in the next few years. The thought of selling, packing and moving are causing some stress, but the idea of something new, at a place we love is exciting.