September Featured Info-Pro Employee: Bob Dusek

Info-Pro's September Employee of the Month

In our employee of the month blog series we highlight a different Info-Pro employee every month so you can get to know us better! Up this month? Bob Dusek

Employee Name/Title

Bob Dusek, Senior Software Engineer

What do you do in your role at Info-Pro?

I work with the engineering team to build the Info-Exchange platform.

How long have you worked at Info-Pro?

I have been with Info-Pro for 1 year (plus a couple of weeks).

What other jobs have you had prior to working at Info-Pro?

  • 5 years at GE Healthcare, as a senior software engineer leading test automation efforts for the
    Revolution CT scanner platform.

  • 7 years at NCR, as a senior software engineer and software development manager.

  • 3 years teaching Computer Science to undergraduate students.

What’s your favorite thing about your job or working at Info-Pro generally?

The company culture at Info-Pro is very supportive. One of our core values is People, and it’s apparent
in our everyday operations. People all across the company strive to bring us together as a group, and to
support us and our families in meaningful ways.

Tell us about your family.

My wife, Marlee, and I have three lively children. Pietja is ten years old and loves reading, singing, basketball, and is involved in theatre. Her favorite holiday is Valentine’s Day. Samson is eight years old.
He loves facts, science, Pokemon, riding his bike, and collecting rocks. He would trade it all for a
mountain of candy. Otto is five years old, and loves fishing, baseball, hockey, and is better at using his
imagination than his ears. My daughter Pietja has a 4-month-old pet hedgehog, Hamilton.

What do you like to do in your free time?

If given a day to myself, it would probably involve smoking meat, fishing, and possibly brewing beer with
friends. As a family, we enjoy getting outdoors as much as possible, hiking, boating, canoeing, fishing
(just me and the boys), and snow skiing. We enjoy watching sports together, and we try to mix plays and
concerts into the schedule as well.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up around a lot of corn fields in Wheatfield, IN, a small town in Northwest Indiana. I’ve also lived in Michigan, Minnesota, and for the last 6 years, Wisconsin.

What’s your favorite thing about living in Wisconsin? 

I love the access to the outdoors. There is water everywhere, and so many places to hike and ski, and
enjoy Wisconsin’s natural beauty. The cheese and beer are pretty good too!

Share an interesting or fun fact about yourself.

I’m a Chicago Bears fan, and Marlee is a Packers fan. We drafted our kids. My wife won the first pick
and our oldest, Pietja, is a die-hard Packers fan. I drafted Samson as a Bears fan, but lost him to the
relentless stream of Packers love displayed in nearly every public and private institution in the state. I
learned my lesson with him, though, and have been much better at keeping Otto in orange and blue,
rooting for the good guys. A few Bears victories have also helped the cause. Daaa Bearsss!