A Round-Up of Lender Services Educational Webinars

September 15, 2021


Even as the world seemed dormant during the lengthy COVID-19 lockdown, it wasn’t. Businesses carried on and looked for ways to emerge from the pandemic in a better position than they were in when it began. That’s why, over that time, we worked to bring information to banks and credit unions from in-house experts along with outside financial industry leaders. Here is a quick look at all the Info-Pro Lender Services Educational Webinar Series we delivered over the past year.

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In October of 2020, we looked at some of the best ways for financial institutions to leverage customer data. From choosing the correct data points to implementing an organization-wide strategy, Kim Snyder, CEO/Founder at KlariVis explored ways customer data can help your bank grow and bring you closer to your customers. Watch the Webinar.


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In December of 2020, we delved into how enterprise risk management can optimize your financial institution’s performance, helping you reach your goals. Maybe it’s predicting potential issues that can arise during loan terms. On the other hand, it could be creating a forward-looking risk management program as part of an enterprise risk strategy. Whatever your goals, it is essential for your bank or credit union to implement a top-down approach that predicts any impediments to your long-term goals. Watch the Webinar featuring Ken Proctor, Managing Director of Risk Consulting at Strategic Risk Associates.


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We rang in the New Year by looking at ways to make 2021 the year to win small business banking. This informative session with Derik Sutton of Autobooks highlighted how banks and credit unions could offer small businesses the tools they need for ecommerce, such as digital payments, that will keep them banking with them rather than looking to non-traditional financial technology companies. Watch the Webinar.


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The following month, Terry Ammons, Partner at Wipfli looked at ways community banks and credit unions could deliver what customers are looking for from financial technology. From banking as a service [BaaS] to peer-to-peer payments and integrated small business banking, discovering fintech trends and turning them into opportunities for your community bank can boost your institution’s bottom line and growth. Watch the Webinar.


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With the pressure put on banks and credit unions from PPP loans, refinances, and regulatory uncertainty during COVID, it was easy to lose track of some of the other challenges from the pandemic. That’s why in March, Mark Daniels, SVP of Sales & Marketing at Info-Pro looked at preparing for the wave of mortgage delinquencies brought by the economic struggles of the past year. Watch the Webinar.


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In April, we turned our attention back to the digital space and fintech. With big banks, big tech companies, and retailers offering digital payment technology, Geoff Knapp, Chief Growth Officer, and Jeff Harper, Chief Revenue Officer of Allied Payment Network, Inc. took an in-depth look at today’s payment landscape and ways community banks and credit unions can keep up with digital payment technology offerings. Watch the Webinar.


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Every day brings about another news story of data breaches and cyberattacks. In May, digital security expert Cheryl Buntin, Senior Vice President of AaSys Group, Inc., took a deep dive into what banks and credit unions need to do to beef up their security as they continue to embrace digital banking. Watch the Webinar.


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With low interest rates and banks flush with funds and hungry for revenue production, June focused on understanding the loan landscape. Keith Marvel, VP of Sales at Miniter Group discussed how offering HELOC and other loans will be vital for institutions as the economy recovers from the pandemic. Watch the Webinar.


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As the pandemic gripped the country, more customers turned to digital banking. Even as we emerged in July, trends showed that consumers still would do more digitally, including their banking. However, it is still important to them to receive customer service online at the level they received in person. Watch the Webinar featuring Jenn Markus, Director of Technology Partners at Glia.


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In August, Neil Stanley, Founder of The CorePoint looked at how banks and credit unions, flush with cash, need to incorporate a new way of thinking about deposits—and withdrawals—and usher in the next generation of long-term savings by reinventing the CD to stay competitive. Watch the Webinar.



We’ve worked hard to deliver cutting-edge information to help banks and credit unions work smarter. So be sure to keep an eye out for more of our Info-Pro Lender Services Educational Webinar Series in the future.

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