How Info-Pro Builds Critical Relationships to Deliver Unmatched Lender Services

July 25, 2017

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In a world driven by finances, many companies operate with an attitude of doing the least possible work or taking the easiest route, to boost efficiency and benefit the bottom line. When a third-party software provider takes this approach, it can mean headaches for the institution who outsources to that provider.

Info-Pro takes a different approach to business. Our primary focus is ensuring success and satisfaction from every lender we work with, going the extra mile wherever it is needed. We know that offering unmatched service and solutions means many happy customers.

One of the areas we go above and beyond is in our relationships with related parties, such as core system providers and tax agencies. To provide the best experience possible for our lenders, we know it’s important to work closely and positively with both of these entities. We’ll examine this further in this blog.

How we work with tax agencies

As you likely know, each tax office is different, with different policies, procedures, timelines and technological capabilities. Taking a “one-size-fits-all” approach to working with tax agencies can result in missed discounts, less than efficient processes, unhappy tax office employees, and even late fees and penalties.

That’s why Info-Pro makes it a priority to build relationships with every tax office we encounter (in fact, we probably already work with your own tax agencies). We go to treasurers’ conferences to learn and network, and we reach out to each office personally to develop processes that benefit all parties. That means we have custom processes for working with every tax agency, to ensure accuracy, efficiency and speed—and the best borrower experience.

What’s the alternative? When a tax servicer approaches each tax office the same, several things can happen. They may not take the time to adhere to that tax office’s data request policies, frustrating the tax workers. Or they may do things on a predetermined timeline, rather than going out of their way to help lenders pay during the discount period. Or the tax office won’t negotiate on fees because the tax servicer is a pain to work with. Going the extra mile can mean more discounts for you and your borrowers, fewer errors and late fees, and an overall better experience for all parties involved. Learn more about how we work with tax offices here.

How we work with core system providers

Core system providers are another entity that Info-Pro prioritizes. Because there are many core systems (and each institution may use theirs slightly different), we know it’s important to ensure our software and processes “play nice” with each core system.

We build relationships with these providers to discover their preferred processes, find the most efficient way to work together, advocate for our customers when needed, and above all, make life as easy as possible for bank or credit union staff that we work with.

A key part of working with the core system is getting tax and escrow data we provide into your system. Because we work so closely with each core provider, we find the most seamless way to get that data into your core, avoiding manual work and extra fees (when at all possible). Other tax servicers simply provide a spreadsheet and require the lender to input the data manually, a cumbersome, error-prone and time-consuming task. Learn more about how Info-Pro works with core system providers here.

Outsourcing lender services is supposed to add efficiency, time savings and accuracy, while reducing risks, when it comes to real estate tax monitoring and escrow processing. Make sure you work with a vendor who will provide you the highest level of service possible, rather than an out-of-the-box solution you must adapt to.

Learn more about how Info-Pro works with your core system