Attending SCUCE 2022 Affords a Chance to Learn About Credit Unions’ Escrow Tax Needs

May 20, 2022

After several years of canceled and virtual events, the Info-Pro team is thrilled to travel to the Southeast Credit Unions Conference & Expo (SCUCE)!

Conferences such as SCUCE cover everything from the front end to the back end for credit unions. Attendance is invaluable for increasing industry knowledge and helps generate member trust by showing dedication to learning best practices.

Are you headed to SCUCE 2022? Keep reading to learn how you can score a freebie at our booth.

Why we love conferences

Conferences are a great way for vendors like us to not only learn about the latest industry topics but also to hear directly from credit unions about the challenges they’re facing. Building these relationships is at the heart of what we do.

We’re eager to talk with credit union leadership and staff to understand what they need help with when it comes to property tax escrow management (and their business as a whole). We want to know what we can do to alleviate these issues today, and what we can build into our technology and services to help in the future.

As with most businesses, functions like tax monitoring and servicing for escrow are not siloed. If you spend too much time chasing down escrow property tax amounts, then your staff may not be able to keep up with customer service or write new purchases and refinance loans. So, if vendors like Info-Pro can better understand your entire business, then we’re better equipped to help you fine-tune your escrow services so your whole business can flourish.

And of course, plenty of factors that impact all of our businesses happen outside the institution’s four walls. The overall economic climate, for instance, affects every part of a credit union’s business and membership base. In the coming months, conferences will provide an opportunity to learn first-hand about the general post-pandemic economic landscape.

Who we’re looking forward to hearing from

One of our most anticipated breakout sessions to attend features Tom Slefinger, who has more than three decades of experience in fixed income analysis and portfolio risk management.

This session will explore prospects for short and long-term interest rates and how credit unions can optimize income while managing overall portfolio risk. In today’s tumultuous climate, understanding anything that can add risk to credit unions’ positions—including risk from property tax delinquencies—is essential to long-term success.

Stop by the Info-Pro booth for a free giveaway!

There are plenty of other sessions to explore while at SCUCE that can help credit unions do their business better. So while you are exploring the conference and exhibits, be sure to stop by Info-Pro’s booth (booth #100) so we can learn a bit about your business and demonstrate how outsourcing your escrow tax services can save you time, money, and risk.

Be sure to reserve your copy of our Infoguide: Overcoming the Challenges of Credit Union Growth, before heading out to the show, and we’ll save you a copy for when you stop by.

Have a great conference, and we look forward to seeing you there!

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