Regional Bank: Info-Pro is “Nothing Short of Amazing”

December 5, 2022

Case Study

Info-Pro employee working on her computer

Nicolet National Bank is a community bank based in Green Bay, Wisconsin, powered by their mission of shared success for customers, shareholders and employees. 

As the fourth-largest bank in the state and dedicated to providing customers with superior home lending, they needed a solution for managing real estate and escrow tax services. They turned to Info-Pro for simplified real estate tax workflows and unrivaled customer service. 

"We made the choice to partner with Info-Pro to make our tax payment process more efficient. Prior to Info-Pro, we spent a great deal of time mailing checks to numerous municipalities in multiple states, with the addition of Info-Pro we were able to eliminate the need for printing checks and mailing payments. The addition of the Premium Escrow Service allowed us to streamline our process.” 

Keeping track of the payment requirements and mailing addresses for each of your tax agencies is overwhelming. With real estate tax services, Info-Pro does the work for you and gives you detailed instructions for making each payment in your portfolio.

Info-Pro’s Premium Escrow Service streamlines the payment process from start to finish. Rather than making payments to various collectors, banks send funds directly to Info-Pro. We take care of the rest by making sure payments are made correctly and on time.

“While working with Info-Pro you experience a consistent level of service regardless of which area you encounter. The sales team all the way to the service and training team have been nothing short of amazing to work with, they are responsive, upbeat, and a pleasure to work with. In fact, the main reason we would recommend Info-Pro besides the ability to streamline your process is because of the service they provide."

Info-Pro’s unrivaled customer service runs on continual communication with customers and a  technology platform that is intuitive and easy to use. We’ve created a culture of innovation that allows us to not only deliver the best real estate tax monitoring and escrow services but to continue delighting our customers with exceptional service. 

How can Info-Pro help you?

The Info-Pro team is eager to guide you through real estate tax monitoring, escrow processing and Mortgage Release services. From self-service to full-service options, we help you achieve compliance while saving time and staff resources. 

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you simplify your lender services.