Info-Pro Through the Years: 2015 Rebrand

May 18, 2017

Info-Pro. Make work less taxing.

Info-Pro is celebrating our 20th anniversary this year, so we are revisiting and sharing important historical moments in Info-Pro history. Our last blog examined the acquisition of Mortgage Services Corporation, which helped us expand our expertise and services to better support our customers.


This blog will look at another historical event that has shaped Info-Pro as it is today, the company’s rebrand from INFO-PRO Mortgage Services Corporation to Info-Pro Lender Services, Inc.

Why the rebrand?

The 2015 rebrand was a strategic initiative to support Info-Pro’s expansion strategy into a broader line of products relevant to financial institutions. Historically, our products focused exclusively on mortgage services, such as real estate tax monitoring and flood determination.

While tax services is still our core offering, the rebrand represented the shift to add complementary non-mortgage services that lenders would find valuable. In doing so, we changed the company name from INFO-PRO Mortgage Services Corporation to Info-Pro Lender Services, Inc.

The new look

In parallel with our name change, we also created a new logo that is fresh, modern and trustworthy, anchoring our brand in its rich history. The innovative design signals the bright and expansive future the company aspires to, as it continues to be a market leader in the provision of information services to lenders.

Expanding product line

As mentioned earlier, the rebrand supported Info-Pro’s expansion into non-mortgage lender services. In 2016, we introduced Checking Services, to help lenders delight customers and generate additional revenue.

Info-Pro will soon be adding further non-mortgage related services to our portfolio.

Updated website

In addition to updating our look and re-positioning the company to offer a wider range of services, we launched a new website aimed to supporting financial institutions. The rebrand launched an era of change for Info-Pro, which includes our commitment to deliver quality content and information that supports lenders.

We’ve introduced industry reports, informational ebooks, videos and more, on a wide array of topics related to the financial industry. Our goal is to be a trusted resource, for employees of any financial institution, whether they currently work with us or not.

Our new educational content reflects the deep industry knowledge within Info-Pro, and is a valuable addition to the unmatched customer service that Info-Pro is known for. We strive to give all financial institution employees what they need to better educate themselves on our services while also providing them with information on saving time, cutting costs, boosting revenue and reducing risks within their institution. All this information can be found on