Info-Pro Through the Years: Mortgage Services Corporation Acquisition

April 3, 2017

Info-Pro. Make work less taxing.

2017 is a special year for Info-Pro, as it marks our 20th year in business! Founded in 1997 by Louis Andrew Jr., our mission from the start was to provide an unrivaled customer experience for banks and credit unions.

As Info-Pro celebrates our 20th anniversary, we’ll be sharing important events in our company’s history through this blog series. In this blog, we’ll look at the 2004 acquisition of Mortgage Services Corporation, and how it helped shape who Info-Pro is today.

Looking Back at Info-Pro in 2004

Let’s start by taking a quick peek into where Info-Pro was as a company back in 2004. Info-Pro was offering real estate tax monitoring services to regional (Midwest) lenders. Many banks and credit unions at the time weren’t outsourcing tax services, so there was plenty of opportunity for us to add value for lenders.

Enter Mortgage Services Corporation

Mortgage Services Corporation, with Marc Chretien at the helm, offered similar lender services, including some Info-Pro was not yet offering like escrow tax services. Beginning as a family-owned company in New England, Marc opened a Wisconsin branch of Mortgage Services Corporation to explore the same Midwest opportunities as Info-Pro.

In addition to being a great cultural fit, Info-Pro’s decision to merge with Mortgage Services Corporation was to add value to our company, services and customers, and the acquisition was finalized in April 2004.

A Lasting Impact

Info-Pro realized several benefits from the acquisition, lasting through the years and still adding value today, including the following.

  • Info-Pro gained an invaluable asset in Marc Chretien, who today serves as a Senior Vice President on the sales team. With 26 years of experience in the real estate tax industry, Marc brought a breadth of knowledge and expertise, and was instrumental in helping Info-Pro expand across North America.
  • Mortgage Services Corporation became part of Info-Pro’s identity. At the time of the acquisition, Info-Pro changed its name to Info-Pro Mortgage Services (which today has evolved to Info-Pro Lender Services). This helped in creating the unrivaled customer experience Info-Pro brings to its customers to this day.
  • Info-Pro added beneficial services to even better serve customers. Back in 2004, Info-Pro’s offerings were focused on one thing: real estate tax monitoring. Acquiring Mortgage Services allowed us to add another valuable service: escrow tax services

Celebrating Info-Pro’s 20th anniversary offers an opportunity to reflect on our history, and the events that have shaped who Info-Pro is today. Stay tuned for more blogs on important historical events!