Make Sure Your Real Estate Tax Service Vendor Works Well With Your Core System

July 11, 2020

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Your core provider is the backbone of your institution, so it’s critical that when you bring in third-party software partners, the technology works seamlessly with your core system. This is especially important when choosing a real estate tax service vendor, as a tax services solution must work closely with the data in your core system.

It may seem like a no-brainer to you that third-party software must “play nice” with your core system, but unfortunately this isn’t a focus for all real estate tax service vendors. In this blog, we’ll discuss how to find a vendor that will meet your unique needs relative to your core system.

Does the vendor work with YOUR core system?

There are many core systems (and custom ways you can utilize each one), so no lender is exactly the same in how they use their core system. It’s important to find a real estate tax services vendor that has experience with your core system, and proactively builds relationships with core system providers. 

If you’re researching a particular vendor, ask if they have other customers who use the same core system as you do (and ask to speak to one if possible). Also be sure to ask about their approach to core system relationships. Most vendors do as little as possible in this area, instead requiring manual work from the lender or charging a ton for any uploads or other software needs.

Instead, you want a vendor who proactively builds relationships with all core system providers they come in contact with. This may include attending conferences to network and learn, working closely with the provider to develop the most efficient processes for all involved, and advocating for the customer when challenges arise. Building these relationships is a priority for Info-Pro, to ensure all customers get the best possible experience with our solutions. Plus, if we come across a core system we haven’t worked with yet, we go the extra mile to ensure our customer has a seamless technology experience. 

What to look for in a real estate tax service company

In addition to finding a vendor with experience with your core system (ideally), and one who prioritizes relationship building with core system providers, these are some factors you should consider when evaluating real estate tax service vendors:

  • Does the vendor tailor solutions to your core system (and the unique ways you may use that system)? Or are services out-of-the-box and standard for all lenders?
  • Can you upload tax data provided by your vendor easily into your core system, or do you simply get a spreadsheet you have to manually key in?
  • If the vendor does offer and/or facilitate data upload, is it included in your service or is there an up-charge?
  • Does the vendor work only with a limited number of core providers, or do they have their software have the flexibility to interface with any core system? 

Making our solution work with your core system is important to Info-Pro, and a top reason lenders choose us over the competition. Learn more about how we interface with core systems in this information sheet.

Learn more about how Info-Pro works with your core system