Regional community bank: “We would recommend Info-Pro to anyone”

July 12, 2022

Customer Satisfaction Case Study

At Info-Pro, our mission is to Make Work Less Taxing™. So when we hear success stories from our clients that we’ve made it easier to serve their customers, we celebrate with them. Check out this recent success story from a community bank.

When this southern regional community bank came to us, they were struggling with their existing vendor’s consistent failure to deliver on promises. They have a hard deadline of making all of their disbursements by December 15—but their previous service was never able to meet that goal. 

Even though they were paying a vendor, they had to manage their tax payment process manually in order to handle their disbursements on time. 

That all changed when they switched to Info-Pro. 

The bank’s first escrow cycle with us was the first time they could actually outsource the manual collection of amounts and import of tax amounts. According to the bank’s team, “This year was one of the easiest tax seasons! Thank you all for your help, patience, and assistance."


Their Loan Operations Analyst had this to say about their partnership with Info-Pro:

"Switching to Info-Pro has been easy for us. Info-Pro’s staff listened to our concerns with our previous tax vendors and has been able to meet all of our expectations. Info-Exchange is very user-friendly, and it was easy for our staff to learn and train others on how to use it. The ability to pull reports and see, in real time, what loans are being monitored, what states have been searched for delinquent loans, etc., has been very beneficial for us. 

Info-Pro has been consistently on time and straightforward with invoices and any communications, and the Info-Pro staff has been extremely easy to work with if we do have any questions. They are timely and helpful in their responses and have been happy to hop on calls with us when necessary. We would recommend Info-Pro to anyone looking to enhance their tax monitoring processes."



Simplify every process with Info-Pro

This bank needed help with disbursement, but that’s not why they first reached out to us. Originally, the bank came to us because they were looking for delinquent tax tracking on the commercial portfolio, which their vendor wasn’t handling. Outsourcing to that particular vendor would have been cost-prohibitive. 

When they engaged with us on that portfolio, they quickly began evaluating their residential partnership with their vendor and they moved all servicing to us. 

Additionally, the bank often had to send legal descriptions to their previous vendor. Thanks to Info-Pro’s verification process, they no longer have to take this extra step. By evaluating three key pieces of data, we can quickly ensure we’re providing data on the correct parcel and highlight any discrepancies.


How can Info-Pro help you?

The Info-Pro team is eager to guide you through real estate tax monitoring and escrow processing. From self-service to full-service options, we help you achieve compliance while saving time and staff resources. 

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you simplify your lender services.