What Sets Info-Pro Apart From Other Tax Servicers

July 16, 2019

Compliance Lender Services

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Choosing the best vendor for lender services can be tricky. When you’re working with the right tax servicer, you’re able to focus on key operational responsibilities, such as risk mitigation and information management, while your vendor handles real estate tax tracking, escrow processing, flood determination services, and property insurance services. But when you partner with the wrong vendor, you’re constantly dealing with delinquent accounts, fixing data inaccuracies, worrying about compliance, and aren’t able to focus on your core business.

The risk of the worst case happening makes working with the proper vendor absolutely imperative to business success. This article will explore how Info-Pro is different from other vendors that offer lender services.

Timely information

Timely information is vital for property tax services and escrow processing. When tax amounts aren’t secured in a timely manner, your staff is left scrambling to handle escrow and provide data to your borrowers.

Many vendors in the industry don’t prioritize timeliness or efficiency when gathering this vital information from taxing authorities, causing unnecessary stress on you and your borrowers. At Info-Pro, we get the amounts to you as soon as the tax agency makes them available, allowing plenty of time to prepare and make payments to tax agencies.

We take it one step further by tailoring our process and relationship with each tax agency, to create the best process for all parties. This means we can get tax information as soon as possible, allowing borrowers to take advantage of discount rates and avoid late fees.

Easy to use

As opposed to other real estate tax servicers, we don’t disappear after the initial conversation. Instead, we go through a thorough onboarding process to ensure your team is properly equipped to use our tool. All your employees who need system access are set up in our online portal, where they can easily access data and on-demand reports.

After your team is set-up and trained, we set up recurring check-in conversations so you regularly have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have or provide feedback on our tools.

Note: We make the process of transitioning from one servicer to us extremely easy and painless.

Unrivaled customer service

Unlike canned reports from other vendors, with Info-Pro, lenders are able to customize reports on our online portal to fit what they need. This ensures your staff is getting the most value out of our tool specific to your organization.

Our customer support team is here to help you at all times. Unlike larger organizations that don’t have time to provide personalized attention, our lenders work with our extremely responsive points of contact any time they have an issue or question.


What our customers love most about working with Info-Pro is that our services are designed and continuously enhanced based on the feedback we receive. Plus, we’re happy to tailor our services to your institution’s needs rather than simply offering out-of-the-box solutions. We’re here to help you improve efficiency and increase profitability. If there’s a way we can do that better, we want to know.

We’re different from the other real estate tax servicers you’ve worked with in the past. We provide timely information, thorough onboard training to assist in your transition, unrivaled customer service, and are continuously improving to ensure our tool is the best it can be for you.

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