Bitcoin Basics: What every community banker needs to know

Have you been wondering about the asset it seems like everyone is talking about? Join us for an educational session focused on Bitcoin basics and how this could impact the future of community financial institutions, along with some great things to think about as you consider if your financial institution will pursue this line of business.

In this webinar, you can expect to learn about:

  • The basics of Bitcoin and how it works
  • How Bitcoin will affect community financial institutions
  • Strategies and tips for how to prepare your institution

Tuesday, October 12th at 1 pm CST

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Tammy Bangs

Speaker Bio

Tammy Bangs, Relationship Manager, NYDIG

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Tammy Bangs is the Relationship Manager for Banks with NYDIG.  She's a CAMS certified 30 year veteran of community banking, and spent more than 18 of those years working for one of the big three core vendors. In addition, she has worked for the past decade in AML/Fraud and cybersecurity. Tammy has a BA in Music from Evangel University.


Company Bio


NYDIG is a leading technology & financial services firm dedicated to providing custody solutions for your clients bitcoin. NYDIG has partnered with many leading providers of services and software for banks and credit unions across the US. Our services meet the highest security, operational, and regulatory standards. NYDIG leverages its team with decades of experience in technology and financial services to deliver a set of complete end-to-end institutional solutions for Bitcoin.